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Mindfulness + Glamour Lounge

We understand that current events are tense, stressful, and confusing. We've got a lot on our minds and we're sure that you do, too. That said, we'd like to create an environment here at Glamour Lounge that respects diverse viewpoints while protecting the mental and emotional health of our clients and our team.

When you visit our salon, we ask that you keep discussion of current events at a minimum. Our stylists are feeling the same way you are, but after you leave – there's another client waiting, ready to discuss the same emotionally volatile topics as you.

This is not to say that we don't want to hear about how you're feeling. Instead of venting about current events, we encourage positive discourse on topics that do not delve too deeply into politics. And while stimulating conversation can lead to relaxation, we are blessed with a wealth of other tools to help you achieve some peace and therapy while in our salon. Take a break from the divisive rhetoric, the "us" and the "them," the shame. Simply be here with us. Cherish the company that was once placed on hold just a few weeks ago. Take some time for self care.

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