Glamour Lounge proudly serves

the fabulous, the glamourous,

and the bold.

We strive to make every client feel and look their best. This doesn't just mean a good haircut or style. Our stylists work together to create an accepting environment for all walks of life, all sexualities, all races, and everyone who may find themselves "in between." 

We've outlined our core values, each of which guides our every day in the salon. We continue to learn and welcome input. 


Acting with consideration and compassion while showing care for one another.


Creating a safe space for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any differences that have a potential to divide.


Pulling together in the same direction for the good of the salon, our clients, the community and our industry.


Listening to other points of view without judgment or criticism. Challenging one's own beliefs when presented with new information. We may disagree but always align with our other core values while doing so.


Laughing easily. Recognizing the importance and value of being positive and light-hearted. Looking for the bright side.


Caring deeply about our clients, our salon, our work and one another.


Embracing innovation and ideas. Always learning and trying new approaches for the benefit of our clients.


Taking care to keep language, tone and behavior respectful, regardless of one’s position or opinion. Honoring differences.

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