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Meet the Team: Julianna Stafford

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

If you’re looking for the best hair dye in Melbourne, Julianna Stafford is your gal.

Originally raised Jefferson City (just like our other awesome stylist Taffy Schneider), Julianna moved back to her home of Miami to pursue hairstyling.

Her passion is simple but powerful: Julianna loves to make people feel good. Hair is the perfect outlet – giving people the hair they want and need to feel comfortable in their own skin is what makes Julianna feel like she’s really doing good.

Blondes are Julianna's best friend. If you're in the market for some golden or platinum hues, Julianna will gladly help you reach your blonde hair goals.

When she isn’t hairstyling, Julianna loves to hit the beach with her family. Disney is also a fav.

When it comes to the future, Julianna is excited to watch Glamour Lounge Salon grow in Melbourne, Florida. Helping the community thrive is one of the greatest benefits to running a business, and Julianna is set on getting involved in Melbourne.

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