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Ready to Go Vivid? We got you.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We love, love, love to do vivid colors. Our amazing Vivid Specialist, Taffy, has had bold hair for years – after graduating, she was ready to spread the joys of colorful hair to the Melbourne community. We've gathered a selection of our fav vivid color treatments we've done here at the salon.

Interested in getting a vivid color treatment? We're here to help! We love brainstorming, sharing "pins" on Pinterest, Insta-messaging... however you wanna brainstorm. Hit us up. Let's bring some color to your life!

As always, we want to remind everyone that we are proud to be LGBTQ-friendly in Melbourne, Florida. We accept all genders and are a trans-friendly salon. Everyone deserves a damn good haircut!

Here's an awesome shot of a recent 'do our Vivid Specialist Taffy did. This cut took a while to execute, but the end product is sooo worth it. Check out all those hues! To preserve the color, we recommend using one of our Kevin Murphy eco-conscious products that help preserve color and integrate volume.

Long or short hair, a vivid color treatment can make all the difference when it comes to making a bold statement. We love how this two-toned split turned out. Paired with piercings and tattoos? We swoon!

For this all-over color, we used Kevin Murphy to preserve soft-to-the-touch hair. Often, color treatments are done in a manner that leaves the hair scorched and raw – colors fade and the hair gets dry and prickly. Not the case at Glamour Lounge. We make sure our clients are given moisturizing treatments to preserve the softness and health of our client's hair.

No color is out of the question. We loooove this purple vivid color!

If you're in the Melbourne area and ready for vivid color, give us a call. We accept everyone and are proud to be a Green Circle certified salon. Whatever material we use to achieve the color, we recycle. Learn more about Green Circle here.

Ready to go vivid? You can schedule an appointment online here.

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