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Glamour Lounge Loves the Planet

If you didn’t know, we love it here in Melbourne, Florida. We love Florida’s beaches. We love the trees. Actually, let’s be real: We love the whole dang planet. And we believe in taking good care of it. That’s why we’re doing our part in keeping it clean.

The fact of the matter is that hair styling practices are, well, dirty. They’re messy – where does all the hair go? And don’t even get us started on dye ingredients. For decades, the stuff folx were using on their hair and in salons was just plain bad for the planet – and the clients.

We’re not about that. At all. That’s why we’ve partnered with Green Circle salons. We’re certified – which means we’re putting our waste here at Glamour Lounge to good use. We’re proud to say that Glamour Lounge is Green Circle Certified.

We’re recycling:

  • Color tubes

  • Hair

  • Aerosol cans

  • Used foils

  • Hair color

  • Spa waste

  • Electronics

That’s a lot of stuff. Green Circle takes that waste and recovers 95% of it. We’re proud to be involved. You can learn more about other Green Circle salons here.

Green Circle takes that waste and recovers 95% of it.

So the next time you spot a big trash bag full of our used products, know that it’s not going to the bin – it’s going to be recycled.

Glamour Lounge Salon’s eco-friendly practices don’t stop there.

Not only are we taking waste into consideration, we’re also making sure our products are eco-friendly, too. That means making sure what goes into the products isn’t leaving a huge carbon footprint, either.

Glamour Lounge is proud to use Kevin Murphy products, which utilize recyclable and biodegradable plastics. Glamour Lounge’s products are sourced from organic growing practices, too. We’re about respecting the earth and using the natural goods it produces to nurture your hair.

If you’re wondering what all is in the products we use, check out our products page to learn more.

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